Clifton NE1V Oven/Incubator

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External: 740w x 610d x 600h mm
Internal: 400w x 390d x 360h mm
Packed: 75 x 73 x 90 cm
Nominal tank capacity
56 Litres
Temperature Range
Ambient +5°C to 250°C
Temp. Control
PID Digital, LED display showing actual and set temperature, resolution 0.1°C
Temp. Sensor
pt100 with diagnostics check on power up
Temp. Fluctuation 37°C
Temp. Variation 37°C
Temp. Fluctuation 150°C
Temp. Variation 150°C
Temp. Control with timer program
Run back Timer 00:01 to 99:59 (hh:mm) at set temperature
Over Temperature Limiter
Class 1
Shelf no. Supplied/Max
2 wire / 4 max
Shelving locations
Available 80mm spacing
Heater Power
230V 50/60Hz
Product Code
The NE1V-56 Oven/Incubator provides a stable temperature environment for general purpose applications and features a digital PID controller for precision. The controls feature an auto alarm and the insulated chamber and door ensures low energy consumption.

- Dual temperature display actual and set values.
- Stainless steel chamber
- Gravity convection chamber
- Exhaust outlet
- Single insulated door, lockable
- Silicone door chamber seal
- 2 year warranty
- Made in Britain
- Anti-bacterial paint exterior
- Stackable
- Leveling feet, adjustable each corner
- Factory two point calibration, 37°C and 150°C
Featuring PID Digital, LED display showing actual and set temperature, resolution 0.1°C with intuitive to use controls. Indicators for heating, timers and alarm.

On/off power switch.
Heat-up times
  • 40 mins
Energy use at 37°C
Energy use at 150°C
Warranty Period
2 Years
Before ordering please check the room or building access where this unit will be installed and electrical power requirements.

Temperature fluctuation measurements are based on temperature readings on shelf in centre of the chamber.

Working capacity of chamber may be smaller.

Do not place in direct sunlight or near a heat or cold source. Allow a 100mm air gap away from wall at rear. Ensure there is a minimum 300mm air gap from top of the unit to ceiling.