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Immersion Dip Cooler (ambient to -20°C)

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External: 345w x 445d x265h mm
Packed: 45 x 41 x 32 cm
Cooling coil: Stainless steel coil wound diameter 65mmOn the end of a 900mm long flexible cooling line.
Temperature Range
-20 to 20°CRefer to Recommended fluids for fluid type and working temperature range
Temperature control
None. Continuously providing counter cooling with water bath providing temperature control
Cooling power
10°C: 800W
0°C: 580W
-10°C: 400W
-20°C: 250W
Refrigerant: R134a
230V 50-60Hz
Packed Weight
22 kg
Product Code
This Clifton® Immersion Dip refrigeration cooler has no temperature control, being easy to use makes this model an ideal instrument for a variety of cooling applications. The immersion cooler runs continuously provide counter cooling with bath providing temperature control.

The immersion cooler has no control but operates continually, counter cooling a stirred or circulating bath. Control is provided by water bath to maintain set temperature. Featuring a flexible 900mm long stainless steel pipe with a protective outer shield exits from top of the unit. The stainless steel cooling coil can be firmly placed through the bridge unit into the tank on any Clifton NE4 stirred or circulating bath. This maximises the working area within the bath and prevents the coil from accidentally touching samples.
Heat-up Times
  • 13 mins
  • 22 mins
  • 40 mins
Recommended fluids
20% water 80% glycol: -20°C to 20°C
Lab Bath 4590: -15°C to 20°C
Heating/Cooling Information
For cooling a water bath an Immersion Cooler is ideal. For bath temperatures below ambient we recommend a 80:20 glycol:water mix or LB-5.0 Lab Bath. We also recommend a lid or layer of spheres for insulation saves energy by reducing electricity consumption and running costs. The water bath should be used in ambient temperature 20°C.

Power Consumption (220-240V)
Warranty Period
3 Years
Normal operating performance is within an ambient temperature range of 10°C to 20°C. Where ambient temperature range exceeds 20°C this degrades cooling performance.

For optimum cooling performance use within a minimum distance of 40cm of free air around the ventilation slots.

To achieve optimum performance with any stirred or circulating bath use a lid or BP0368 Polypropylene spheres at all times. This can reduce up to 70% of ambient room temperature being transferred into the bath being cooled. Doubling this layer of polypropylene spheres or using a lid in conjunction with spheres can reduce heat transfer by up to 90%.

The immersion cooler is not suitable for use with unstirred water baths.

Keep out of direct sunlight, away from high ambient temperatures or direct heat sources.Do not place it where there are corrosive fumes, excessive moisture or excessively dusty areas.

No accessories available for this product.

Stirred and Circulating Water bath range

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