NE030 Clifton Digital Centrifuge

NE 030GT/I

Clifton Centrifuge with speed, acceleration, braking and timer control

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Overall Lid closed: 275w x 330d x 240h mm
Overall Lid open: 275w x 330d x 670h mm
Packed: 36 x 42 x 33 cm
Rotor type
Angle Head Accessories
Accessory Rotor R030-1: 8 x 15ml, 8 x 12ml, 8 x 10ml, 8 x 7ml or 8 x 5ml
Accessory Rotor R030-2: 6 x15ml, 12 x 12ml, 12 x 10ml, 12 x 7ml or 12 x 5ml
Accessory Rotor R030-3: 0.25ml x 24 or 1.5ml x 24
Rotor speeds
500 to 13,000rpm, in 100rpm steps Depending on accessory rotor fitted.
Maximum RCF
15,120g Depending on accessory rotor fitted.
1 - 9 levels
6 - 60 mins
Program settings
10 programs stored
Quick Run, Timed and Program mode. Easy to use touch pad controls with digital display of speed, acceleration, braking and timer values.
Maximum Speed
500 - 13000rpm
230V 50Hz
Packed Weight
16 kg
Product Code
NE 030GT/I
Featuring a highly specified bench top centrifuge with wipe clean control panel, touch pad controls and digital display, broad speed range and in built safety monitoring of its systems.

Featuring "active lid cooling" making it suitable for biological separations and sampling which can suffer heat damage. The active cooling draws fresh air in from outside and expels warm air from the rotor assembly out through the back of the lid. Supplied without a rotor, enabling the right head to be chosen for the application, from micro to falcon tubes.

With safety features such as rotor imbalance alarm and rotor recognition limiting the maximum permissible speed.

Easy to use with digital display of speed, acceleration, braking and time settings. In use has added convenience of an audible alarm at the end of timed period.
Safety Features
Automatic rotor imbalance alarm, rotor recognition and maximum speed allocation to rotors.
Power Consumption (220-240V)
Warranty Period
3 Years
Features and Benefits
1. Easy to read digital display, showing either time or speed in bold character size.
2. Brake and acceleration control.
3. Touch button keypad.
4. Easy to wipe clean chemical resistant control panel.
5. Built in electronic safety watchdog system monitoring operation centrifuge.
6. Bowl cooling system ensuring samples do not suffer damaging temperature shocks.
7. Supplied without rotor allowing selection ideal accessory head suiting your requirements.
8. Powder painted bath body both inside and out providing a durable finish and protection against corrosion.
9. Built to latest safety standards and supplied with comprehensive operating instructions and Three-year warranty.
10. All Clifton Centrifuges are fitted with non-slip rubber feet for safety.
11. Each Centrifuge is uniquely identified with its own serial number recorded on our product database, which includes all of its inspection data. Electrically tested for safety at final inspection and a test certificate enclosed in rear of the instruction book.

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