NE 000GT/I Mini Micro Centrifuge

NE 000GT/I

Mini Micro Centrifuge 13,500rpm with angle head rotor 12 x 2.0ml, with cover

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208w x 245d x 145h mm
Rotor capacity
12 x 1.5/2.0ml or 4 PCR strip Accessory PCR Rotor
Rotor speeds
Up to13,500rpm
Maximum RPM/RCF
Fixed angle rotor : 13,500rpm / 12,300g 12 x 1.5/2.0ml Rotor supplied with snap fit cover
RPM/RCF conversion: Yes
Acceleration / Deceleration
< 12 secs / <16 secs Time rotor reaches maximum speed / Time rotor stops
Noise level
< 56dB
Timer up to 30 mins
Pulse mode for quick spins and Timed mode. Easy to use touch pad controls with digital display of speed and time. Auto lid release when rotor stops.
230V 50 - 60Hz
Packed Weight
6 kg
Product Code
NE 000GT/I
Personal Clifton Mini Micro-centrifuge compact design for micro tubes, cryo tubes or PCR tubes with rotor speed up to 13,500rpm.

Supplied with 12 x 1.5/2.0ml autoclavable rotor with snap fit cover, aniti-vibration running, auto-lid lock, with wipe clean easy to use touch button controls for speed and time setting, lid opening, pulse and start/stop function.
Safety Features
Auto lid interlock.
Energy Consumption

The lower the figure, the less energy used. Information supplied for size and range comparison, guidance only and measured consumption in use. Please remember that the energy consumption may vary due to factors such as its location, ventilation, ambient temperatures and use.
Power consumption
Warranty Period
3 Years
Features and Benefits
1. Easy to read digital display, showing time or speed.
2. Minimal noise and heat generated in use.
3. Compact and versatile.
4. Touch button keypad.
5. Easy to wipe clean controls.
6.. Built to latest safety standards and supplied with comprehensive operating instructions and Three-year warranty.
7. All Clifton Centrifuges are fitted with non-slip rubber feet for safety.
8. Each Centrifuge is uniquely identified with its own serial number recorded on our product database, which includes all of its inspection data. Electrically tested for safety at final inspection and a test certificate enclosed in rear of the instruction book.

Fixed angle head rotor - 4 rows 0.2ml PCR strips

Angle head Rotor 4 x 8 PCR strips, total 32 x 0.2ml, at 45° Radius 1st row 38.5mm, 1555g Radius 2nd row 46mm, 1850g Maximum rotor speed 6,000rpm

1.5ml Microtube capped - pack 20

Suitable for NE 000GT/I, NE 000GT/M and NE 000GT/R Micro Centrifuges.