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Chill Bucket with Beads, Bead bag with 2 off Chilli Packs

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The Chill Bucket™, ice bucket reinvented. No more ... melted ice, puddles, floating tubes or wet and contaminated samples.

The Chill Bucket™ is a revolutionary laboratory ice bucket that works without ice. It chills while keeping everything dry and in place, so you no longer have to worry about water-borne contamination or losing track of your samples.

The Chill Bucket™ means you can cool everything ice-free using Lab Armor Beads to power the new Chill Bucket. From 4 °C to -20 °C, the Chill
Bucket delivers up to 4 hours of constant cooling on one ice pack or with a handful of dry ice pellets.

Every Chill Bucket Kit includes a durable polyurethane laboratory bucket and lid, two gel packs, and a mesh sack filled with 2 liters of metallic thermal beads.

Simply cool the Bead Bag containing the thermal beads, along with the Chill Packs in your refrigerator or freezer. Then assemble the Chill Bucket, with Chill Packs on bottom and bead bag on top.

Use the bucket and Chill Packs at 0-8 °C or substitute the Chill Packs with dry ice for -20 °C temperatures, or you can even create you own custom temperature range by starting with beads at ambient or cooled to 4 °C, - 20 °C, or - 80 °C.

Heating/Cooling Information
The Chill Bucket can maintain cold temperatures 1 - 8°C for 4 or more hours with one Chill Pack. For up to 8 or more hours a second Chill Pack is recommended. The Chill Packs were frozen to -20°C in a freezer and the Beads cooled to 2°C in a refrigerator prior to placing in the bucket.

Temperature data represents actual measurement results from a single probe in centre of the bucket.
Kit comprises of:

  • Chill Bucket - with 4 litre capacity, durable and lightweight, includes a lid, easy to handle, condensation free in use and simply wash with mild detergent after use.

  • Chill packs - durable gel packs, freeze down and reuse, last for hours.

  • Bead bags - durable nylon mesh, see through, washable, mildew and rot resistant with draw string.

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